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What is Lipedema?

Lipedema is a type of metabolic fat disorder that is characterized by the excessive accumulation of fatty tissues underneath the skin. It is most commonly seen in women, and affects the arms, hips, buttocks, and legs more than other parts of the body.

It is distinguished from Lymphedema in usually affecting both legs, there is no swelling on the feet, the limbs bruise easily and is often painful on indent pressure.

• The uneven distribution of fat makes your body look out of proportion, with your upper body being smaller than your lower body.
• Legs may feel heavy.
• The skin over the affected area may feel cool.

• Difficulty losing fat even with dieting.
• People with lipedema can develop lymphedema as well, because the build-up of fat can inhibit the flow of lymph.

How is Lipedema treated?

Stages and Types of Lipedema - Lady Lymph

There is no cure for lipedema but there are some treatments that can help with relieving symptoms to improve your quality of life, slowing down the progression and preventing complications.

The primary treatments for managing lipedema include:

•    Wearing special compression garments for support
•    Performing specialist massage therapy to reduce pain and improve mobility

​•    Following an anti-inflammatory diet

•    Exercising regularly

•    Liposuction in more severe cases

The goals of treating Lipedema are: 

•    Reduce inflammation
•    Manage pain
•    Improve lymphatic flow (MLD, exercise)
•    Provide emotional support

If you are suffering from lipedema and want to find relief, our specialized treatments are here to help you get back to living life more comfortably.

Let us take care of you! Book a Lipedema treatment in Auckland at Lady Lymph.

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