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Lymphatic Massage
Before and After Surgery

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Lymphatic Massage

Pre- and post-operative manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an invaluable massage therapy technique that can support individuals before and after surgery. Composed of light, rhythmic strokes, MLD will reduce swelling and stimulate the lymphatic system for improved recovery time.

What are the benefits of a lymphatic massage before and after surgery?

•    Transport and removal of stagnant fluids
•    Accelerated lymphatic flow
•    Reduced swelling and water retention
•    A healthier immune system
•    Faster recovery 
•    Physical and mental relaxation

Lymphatic Massage Before surgery:

A lymphatic massage before surgery is beneficial to help prepare the body for a successful operation. This therapeutic method stimulates the lymph vessels of your lymphatic system to eliminate any toxins, bacteria, viruses, excessive proteins, fluid and other unwanted materials from your body. This creates an ideal cellular environment in the area around where you are getting operated on. Additionally, it can also reduce the likelihood of post-operative complications such as infection, swelling, bruising and scarring.

*We usually suggest a MLD session 1 or 2 days before the surgery for optimal results.

Lymphatic Massage After surgery:

Lymphatic massage is a key component of post-surgical recovery. This massage technique helps reduce any swelling and bruising that may occur as a normal inflammatory response after surgery, as well as preventing fibrosis (development of scar tissue). Additionally, this type of massage stimulates the natural healing mechanisms of your body to help recovery progress faster, providing a calming effect on the nervous system.

Over time, you will likely notice less swelling, bruising and pain as your body recovers from surgery with the help of regular Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) sessions.

Before and After Surgery - Lady Lymph

*Manual Lymphatic Drainage should begin 2-3 days after surgery and be performed every 2-3 days over the course of two weeks. It should be done until the tissues soften and the edema is resolved. The intensity and frequency of MLD can be adjusted depending on the patient's individual healing process.

The following are some examples of surgeries that may benefit from this treatment:

•    Plastic and/or reconstructive (Breast augmentation & reduction, liposuction, facial reconstruction, BBL, etc.)
•    Post-mastectomy 
•    Orthopedic
•    Abdominal
•    Gynecological

•    Head/neck/ Ear, nose and throat

Let us take care of you! Book a lymphatic massage before and/or after surgery in Auckland at Lady Lymph.

Whether you want to be prepared for an upcoming surgery or help your body recover quickly, we will provide you with the best care.

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